Friday, 25 April 2014

Power Of Wife WhatsApp Jokes

------------ Best WhatsApp Jokes----------

Power Of Wife 

Hubby :- Ye kyaa tum ek aur dress le aayi ? Abhi parso hee to...

Wife chilla kar boli :-

Kyaa parso ?
Bolo kyaa kahaa tum ne ?
Ruk kyon gaye ?
Kyaa parso,
Parso kyaa,
Bolo jaldi
Jaldi bolo naa,
Bataa-o kyaa parso ?

Hubby : Kuchh nahi, main bus yeh keh rahaa thaa ki parso bhi ek hee dress laayi thi pagli, aaj to do le aati.......

------------ Best WhatsApp Jokes----------

🏄A Man Lost his Wife In Tsunami.........
One Drunk-Night .....while standing on the Seashore, waves touching on his feet....
he shouted to the Sea: 'No matter how many times your Waves Touch my Feet...... .
I'll Never take her back..... !! ......
Its your mistake..

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