Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life SMS

Zindagi Main Kuch Khona Pade To Yeh Do Lines Yaad
"Jo Khoya Hai Us Ka Ghum Nahi!
"Lekin Jo Paaya Hai Wo Kisi Sey Kam Nahi!
Jo Nahi Hai Wo Ek Khawab Hai
Jo Hai Wo Lajwab Hai........

Ek hi Zamaane k 2 mash-hoor Shaayro ka apna apna Andaaz dekhiye dosto....
Pehle Mirzaa Gaalib:
"Udne de in Parindo ko Azaad fiza main 'Galib'......Jo tere Apne
hongeh wo laut aayenge kisi Roz...!!!"
Shaayar Iqbal reply to Galib~~~
"Na Rakh Umeed-E-Wafa kisi Parinde se 'Iqbal'....
Jab par nikal aatey hain..., to Apne bhi Aashyana bhool jate hai....!!!"

I dont believe in taking right decisions..
I take decisions & then make them right.
So always believe in ur ability & efforts..

Never try or beg for support from others..
Stand alone & face d life as a race..
Then everyone will follow u..

Cute, Life quotes, Saying-
Not all fingers r same in length..
But wen they r bend, all stands equal..
Life becomes easy wen we bend & adjust to situation

No one has ever won a game of chess by moving forward alone..
Sometimes u have to move backward to get a better step forward..

Smile increases value of face,
Anger spoils beauty of soul,
Faith is force of life,
Confidence is companion of success,
So keep smiling.

Time is like river..
You can’t touch the same water twice,because the flow that has passed will never pass again..
Enjoy every moment of life..

The best cosmetics in life:
TRUTH: for lips
SYMPATHY: for eyes
CHARITY: for hands
SMILE: for face &
LOVE: for heart

Somewhere I Heard..
Life is Beautiful..
But Very Soon I Released..
Lots of
Conditions Apply..!!

Someone asked A PHILOSOPHER that..
Who you want to be with for your entire life?
He simply said:
Someone who can understand that I am not perfect.

Life is so confusing..
What we want we dont get..
What we get we r not satisfied..
What we expect never happens and
What we hate generally repeats.
Thats life.

If u wait for happy moments,
u will wait forever.
But if u start believing that u r happy,
u will b happy forever.

Thats life.